Very easy and fast all-round foil board in the PRO edition. Used it with race sails from 5.6 till 10.0 and with both the Neilpryde alu foil RS:flight and the Neilpryde Carbon F4 in winds from 7-30 kts. You can also use it with a normal fin (and should be as fast as a JP supersport), but never tried that because foiling is much more fun in lightwind. Board is very lively and when you accidentally hit the water, it bumps off almost immediately so catapults are minimised.

Board is from June 2018 and I use a surfbent protector to protect the nose. Small professional repair done on the bottom (see picture) because of a dent due to the foil falling on the board (by a 2 year old kid ). If you want, can be painted so no color difference but for me this was not an issue.

Board is for sale because I now have his big brother (JP 150) and a race foil (115 fuse).

Catalogue price: €2399

Price: €1050