How to add a session



Adding sessions has never been as easy as it is right now. With the latest software programs you can automatically upload the data to . The data from the SD card is automatically checked. The software programs check if the acceleration is correct, if enough Satellites were receiving the signal etc.


There are 3 options to post your speed results:

  1. Use the website to upload your GPS track file
  2. Use GPSResults or GPSAR to upload your speedresults

Option 1: Use the website to upload your GPS track file

You can upload your track file to the website, the speedsresults are calculated on the server and you don't need to install software on your computer. But you don't have the ability to do deep analytics. Follow the instruction in the video on youtube: 



Option 2: Use GPSResults or GPSAR to upload your speedresults

You need to install GPSResults or GPSAR on your computer. to upload your speedresults. Be sure that you always use the latest version thats released !!


Extra information:

The first time you want to post a session you need to fill in the gear you own and the spots you are sailing, you also have to fill in “my profile”. You can add or delete the gear anytime you like to keep everything updated. Now you’re ready to start adding sessions.


When you use the automated upload functionality all you have to do is log in, add gear and comments and push the send button. It won’t get any easier than this.


If you want to upload the data manually you need to check if data is shown in Doppler. All new devices should be posted in Doppler. Doppler will give a more precise and mostly lower speed than non Doppler data. In order to get a consistent ranking you need to post Doppler. Posted speeds can and will be checked by our timekeepers on a regular base.


Like said, automated uploading or manual uploading are both possible. Go to my sessions and choose automatic or manual add sessions. Fill in all requested data and add comments if you want. Push the send button and your session will be shown in the daily ranking on the right side of the menu.


Sometimes your session will be verified by a timekeeper. The first time you post a session and every time you sail a personal best your session can be validated before it appears in the overall rankings.