Is there one?

Just thinking about doing one on my website. I never really know where works in which directions and tide heights, and can never seem to find the info easily, even at spots like Southend. (I should definitely have been there earlier but just thought hit it for low tide..)

Plus I reckon there's a whole bunch of spots that never get used because we never consider them. Also we've had a lot of unusual wind directions lately, ie, does southend work in a NE? where works in a SE, etc, etc.

Brancaster, Hunstanton, Fleetwood, Roa, West Witt, those spots in Wales that were mentioned before but now long forgotten...

Think it would help to have all the info in one place, and I'd be keen to research some of the possibles. Even somewhere like Redcar might work in an offshore wind, or any others with low lying land or funnel effects. Ivor at Borth? (can't spell the actual venue -ynlylas?)

Devon and cornwall (daymer, exmouth?, street..)

There's also been wispers of 'raised irrigation ditches'..

But I'd need some local help with the info..

Good idea? (even if we just did the big venues - weymouth, Ray, WK)

Hi All! I am new in the UK, will be soon based in Godalming, Surrey. Is anybody able to give a heads-up for speeds spots close by? Obviously would be awesome to meet anyone speeding close by :-) 

Thank you!!