I have been coming to portland harbour for the last few weeks and enjoying the sailing there, I'am looking to sail faster as I seem to get to 32knots and that is it, is there any body sailing there that can give me some good advice on genral speed sailing when I next come to portland, which would be weekends.
Any advice would be great.
Alex....32knts for Portland Harbour is pretty good...well done!

Couple of things to think about before heading for Portland Harbour.  The ideal wind direction is from 210-230 degrees for best speed conditions and check out the tide phase to make sure there is enough water!  You are looking for a low tide of +0.5m. to sail in close enough to avoid the worst of the chop. 

There are some useful hints to be found on this site's general forum under 'trying to go faster'...sure you've read them already.

I have 102 on my sails, and now it is colder will have a white helmet on (same colour as my hair if I haven't).....come and say hello.

Might be at PH this Saturday.     Norm