Results of the day
1Anders Bergstrom32.9
2Anders Bergstrom32.9
3Tobias Bodin31.27
4Tobias Bodin31.27
5Thomas Barré31.12
6Thomas Barré31.12
7Claes Nilsson Kvick29.83
8Claes Nilsson Kvick29.83

Sun and perfect Ice, but not as windy as the forecast! The 5.0 was far too small today.

I tried the first proto of my new Wingsuit today. Hard to say if it really gave me better speeds, but maybe it did...  At least I think I got the fastest run of the day (which is unusual for being me), but I left early and maybe someone got a faster run after I left. 

The wingsuit needs some modifications, but after that I will be dangerous.