This issue occurred during the 19th of may and has affected all of our community. It was not possible to login , the error message "To many redirects" , during the bug fixing we redirected this page to a regular error 500 page to downsize the load on this specific part.

During the evening and night hours we have tried to fix it, but until now this was not successful. With a part of the team now at Defi wind and has to travel back in the next day this means the issues cannot be fixed on a short period.

We advice you to store all your sessions that has not been posted yet so you can post them right away once we have fixed the issue. The sessions posted by Coros auto-sync are sync with our environment so we expect them to be posted the regular procedure when the other issues are fixed.

From now on all communications around this issues will be hosted from this GitHub Issue, this makes it easier for us to keep track on the progress, share the right info and request additional information / support.

Last but not least, we would like to ask for your patience and understanding is this, we know it could be a bit frustrating when its not possible to post your session, as you can imagine we as day to day windsurfers share this frustration as well. So even more important not to spoil your time on frustration behind your screen, but to go out on the water and have a rocket fast session. We make sure you can post it afterwards as soon as possible !

UPDATE: Update - We have just deployed a important bug fix , solving the issues, for now we see the first session being posted, we are monitoring this now step by step

Closed and fixed ->