NaamJeffrey Brown
HomespotGreat Herring PondVirtual Earth
LandUnited States
Sponsor(s)JBD Sails, GoPro, Uvex, Indo Boards, Helmet Man,So
ZeilnummerFreeskate US-14

Gewicht90 kg
Gewicht klasse111-150
Lengte170 cm
Leeftijd klasseMaster (36-50)Facebook
Lid sindsdonderdag 8 januari 2009
Geposte sessies73
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Datumwoensdag 18 maart 2015
SpotLong Pond, Brewster, Cape Cod, United StatesShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardCustom Ice-O-Tope Iceboard, 1995
ZeilCustom JBD Ice Speed 3.4, 2000
FinCustom JBD 18" All Terrian 18
Type GPSNavi GT-31

Gemiddelde snelheid95,73 kmh ( 97,59 96,55 96,45 95,29 92,78 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec. (software)101,63 kmh
100 m run100,3 kmh
250 m run97,66 kmh
500 m run92,04 kmh
Nautische mijl50,76 kmh
1 uur26,19 kmh
24 uur0 km
Alpha racing42,89 kmh
Afstand76 km
Windsnelheid30 - 40 knots
Wind richtingNW ( 270)


Wicked Windy Wednesday! March 18th marks the latest we have ever sailed on Cape Cod any season! Great afternoon light till 7PM! I sailed for 8 straight hours.

I tied or slightly beat my current World Speed record of 52.65 with a new 52.7knots!

2 sec Max at 55+ knots, my secord fastest ever top speed!

The ice was a bit too rough to go faster & too dangerous with cracks opening in Spring thaw.

But the WINDS were crazy 40 knots of survival sailing! Lots of runs in the 50 knot range, too many to remember!  

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