KING of the ICE 2016
1/4/2016 1:31:27 AMJeffrey Brown

Welcome to the 3nd annual International Windsurfing Iceboard Challenge!
Last season the US made a major comeback to defeat Sweden and take strong hold for top positions and close finishes making the event the most challenging effort for all.
This season Team USA shall host the event and present a new challenge!
We wish to create a challenge that appeals to more sailor’s skills and not be limited to fastest speeds.
NOTICE OF RACE: January 1st 2016 through March 31st 2016
RACE COMMITTEE:  Jeffrey Brown & Chad Lyons
LOCATION: Any sailable ICE or snow covered ICE in the WORLD
EQUIPMENT: Ice-Snow Sleds-Windsurfer
FOUR disciplines will be included in the King of the Ice 2016 challenge:
* 5x10 sec. average speed (5 best speed runs averaged)
* 1 Hour (best average speed during one hour)
* Alpha Racing - 500M course with 180 deg turn , returning to within 50M origin ( best average speed )
* Distance - overall most distance track logged in any single day session!
Data shall be acquired by using ANY capable GPS unit, which then allows competitor to upload data sessions by posting to GPS Icesailing.com.
Automatic uploads of data posted to GPS.Icesailing, through use of GPS Results or GPS Action Replay software preferred, and shall be relied upon GPS Icesailing Timekeepers for validation. 
Manual uploads of data permitted, however any leader of any discipline shall provide electronic files to Race Committee for verification. (File type: GPX, SBN, SBP) Non submitted files will forfeit position score to last place +1 point.
FOUR discipline participation with ONE discipline THROWOUT allowed!
The BEST of 3 discipline scores will be calculated on a low point scoring system. 
Winner of each discipline will get 0,7p second place 2p, third place 3p etc. 
If you have no result in one discipline your points will be calculated as last place +1.
Obvious fault or incorrect figures will be changed, removed or not calculated.
Overall Ties shall be scored based on competitors NEXT BEST finishes within their 3 best disciplines.
The WINNER of King of the ICE 2015 will be the competitor with the LOWEST TOTAL POINTS.
You do not need to register to join the challenge, your activity on GPS Icesailing will automatically be used.
You are required  to specify your class of icesailing device in your GPS Icesailing profile for sessions to be identified through use of  data filters on the website. 
Select: “Ice-Snow Sleds-Windsurfer” for your equipment.
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The KING of the ICE Challenge is ON! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
1/4/2016 1:33:26 AMJeffrey Brown






1/6/2016 6:36:30 PMAnders Åhlen

Thanks Jeff for Your incredible energy and all time You spend on this!

2/20/2016 4:12:10 PMJeffrey Brown

Things are getting interesting for King of the Ice with new competition from Lithuania, welcome Giedrius Luitkus!

The fastest hour is up for grabs, with highest at 22 by Tobias Bodin, who currently leads the event.

Last year lots of results closer to 30 knots, we shall see how this unfolds for last part of season!




4/1/2016 1:28:48 PMJeffrey Brown



We are proud to crown Dean Withrow of team USA ‘King of the Ice 2016’, for his first ice sailing championship! This season’s event was quite challenging for all, with 26 competitors from six countries represented, USA, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands and Canada, making for a truly international competition.
Dean showed expert skills in all four disciplines, breaking speed records, sailing insane distances and showing competitive Alpha jibes, proving that one needs all skills to do well in this fleet of experienced competition. And he did it all with only two logged days on the ice!
Speaking of breaking speed records, Henrik Mard sets new all-time fastest speed ever seen by any iceboards with an impressive 59 knots! New goals are now set for future speed seekers to surpass 60 knots!
While my speed record has fallen, I manage to take a cool 2nd place, but even that was a challenge to stay on top, I had to really work for it, and found inspiration each day out.
But the King contest is more than just about speed, and Tobias Bodin is showing us how the Alpha ranks are achieved, taking 1st in Alpha and 3rd place overall. Close tie for Alpha score between Tobias and myself, with the tie breaking ‘next best finish’ way too close for comfort! Tob knows he needs to work his speed discipline next year, but a great accomplishment seen this season, even without it!
Anders Ahlen and Tommy Gustavsson take the number of sessions per season to a ‘new level of jealousy’, posting nearly 50 days between them! While Stefan Soderlund , former King of the Ice 2014, only posts one GPS session but still manages top ranks, we need to see more of him next year between his racing schedule!
But the ones to watch next are Rob Myles and Alex Wadson, both experienced high tech yacht racers and rig designers. These guys constantly fly around the yachting world for their professions, but always reliable to show up for the best ice conditions. Both achieved top scores and set new personal best speeds this season.
Let’s welcome our first Baltic nations to the event. Lehar Jurimae from Estonia and Giedrius Liutkus from Lithuania, both posted a few sessions between their busy racing schedule. We observe from the WISSA racing results they are serious contenders for King of the Ice. Get your whole gang on board for next year!
Team USA had a very short season with above normal temperatures making ice difficult to find. But not as bad as the dire situation in our highly competitive Netherland nation, here’s to wishing them better luck next year.
Without question, Sweden is the new world mecca for icesurfing with such consistent conditions. Maybe we should just all show up there next year!
Meanwhile, keep sharp and ready for next year’s King of the Ice challenge!
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