This spot is a bit unusual because there is no barrier were you can sail behind to get flat water. It is also in the middle of Holland were we normally get a bit less wind then f.i. near the sea. But it is a fast spot and that has to do with the shallow waters and the build up of a special kind of weeds. In May/June this weed begins to build up and works as kind of wavebreaker. Together with a bit gusty wind this creates excellent conditions for GPS speedsurfing. The water is very flat and because the area is big were you can sail it is possible to find the best angle for speed. A nice thing is that with the shallow water you can choose smaller gear than normally because if the wind drops you can walk back to the beach.

Country: The Netherlands
Spotname: Strand Horst
City close by: Harderwijk
Waypoint: N 52.32806° / E 05.57957°
Winddirection: SSW-NO