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Results of the day
1Andreas Gustafsson42.75
2Frank Krönert41.49
3Giedrius Liutkus34.82
4Miroslav Pacold33.86
5Tiit Riisalo33.57
6Raul Kivi33.51
7Martin Kubat33.12
8Koit Teder32.23
9Toomas Kasenurm31.79
10Raul Kivi29.4
11Toomas Kasenurm29.37
12Ernst Fuchs27.43
13Ernst Fuchs27.23
14Bianka Micke26.52

Course race - Starboard nitro 4 + skis

Duotone slick SLS 6 with skis

WING suusad, WISSA teine päev

WING suusad, WISSA teine päev

Wissa 2023

Morning speed attempts and 3 races

Afternoon speedings and 3 races