Challenge – King of the ICE 2015
12/14/2014 8:45:14 PMAnders Bergstrom

Challenge - King of the Ice 2015 - Iceboard Windsurfing

New year - New challenge!!

Sweden dominated the King of the Ice - 2014 with the four first places! Winner was Stefan Söderlund with best result on Alpha and Hour and second best on 5x10sec.

Who will challende Sweden 2015? wink

The individual King of the Ice as well as best nation will be nominated.

Rules are simple

Three disciplines will be included in the King of the Ice challenge:

* 5x10 sec. average speed

* 1 Hour (average speed during one hour)

* Alpha Racing (500)

The best speed in each discipline will be counted. You do not need to register or apply to join the challenge. Just by posting your speeds at GPS Ice sailing, you ar ein the challenge and will have the chance to become King of the Ice - 2015!

Class: IceSnow Sledes - Windsurfing only

GPS type: Only types approved by GP3S

Spot: No limitation, any spot in any country accepted



1) Average

2) 1 Hour

3) Alpha racing


Duration of the challenge

The challenge starts January 1st 2015 and ends last April 2015 (2015-01-01 to 2015-04-30)



The best result in each discipline will be counted. Results will be taken from 'Overall Ranking' in GPS Land and Ice Sailing with the following filter:

Year: 2015

Speed types: 'Average' , '1 Hour' and 'Alpha racing'

Class: IceSnow Sledes - Windsurfing

Obvious fault or incorrect figures will be changed, removed or not calculated.

The scores will be calculated on a low point scoring system. Winner of each discipline will get 0,7p second place 2p, third place 3p etc. If you have no result in obe discipline your points will be calculated as last place +1.

The winner of King of the ICE 2015 - Windsurfing will be the sailor with th elowest total points.

The best Nation will be nominated based on the 5 best sailors in each country.


The challenge is ON!!





12/31/2015 6:02:33 PMJeffrey Brown

We have not heard formal conclusion for this 2015 event yet and its New Years eve!

Will there be another event in 2016?

What say ye' Swedes??



1/4/2016 1:28:12 AMJeffrey Brown

Anders Bergström 

Been too swamped with work to follow the KOI, so just updating myself now finding that the crown for the 2015-KOI went to the US! Congratulations Jeff! Impressive speeds in all disciplines!! Following was the final result for top 10 in KOI-2015:
1 4,7 Jeffrey Brown US
2 7,4 Tobias Bodin SWE
3 15 Dean Withrow US
3 15 Alex Wadson BMD-US
5 16 Stefan Söderlund SWE
5 16 Rob Myles US
7 18 Henrik Mård SWE
8 22 Lars Berggren US
8 22 Anders Bergström SWE
10 36 Anders Åhlen SWE

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